Elinor Crosby

Elinor has been dancing all her life, and has been belly dancing for seventeen years, performing for fifteen years, and teaching regularly for twelve years. A firm grounding in traditional Middle Eastern dance styles and their history, classical music training, and a Fine Arts degree concentrating on textiles informs her creativity, style, and technique.  She routinely takes workshops with various fine dancers, in styles ranging all over the belly dance spectrum. She has taken workshops with Unmata, Black Sheep Belly Dance, Safa and Neefa of Khafif, April Erzetich of Ghawazi Caravan, Zoe Jakes, BellyQueen, Mira Betz, Nath Keo, Colleena Shakti, Karim Nagi, and Ansuya.

Currently Elinor’s passion is American Tribal Style Belly Dance®. She has taken classes, workshops, and private instruction to further her knowledge, and is pleased to be able to share it with other dancers. Starting with her first workshop with Carrie Hiebert of Winnepeg in 2005, her passion for ATS® led to the founding of the UberWench Tribal Belly Dance troupe in 2008, where she continues to teach, learn and grow as a dancer and instructor. In October 2014, Elinor received the FCBD® General Skills certifications for both Classic and Modern ATS®, as well as her Teacher Training certificate from Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and Megha Gavin.

As a teacher Elinor believes in nurturing and encouraging students of all shapes and sizes to find their inner grace and power, as well as strengthening and training their bodies. Elinor firmly believes that anyone can dance; bellydance looks beautiful on any one’s body; and that there are as many styles of belly dance as there are people who perform it.

Elinor is available for private lessons, small private group classes, workshops of various duration, public performances, and other functions. Contact her at uberwench @ gmail.com.

Photo by The Stoodio

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